Esto es lo que pasa antes de crear una de nuestras velas.

This is what happens before creating one of our candles.

The creation of our Pi Negre candles begins long before working with the wax and aromas. It starts with an idea, a memory, something that activates the creation machine in me. There are times when I hear someone tell a recipe or simply some experience and I always look for how to capture it and recreate it on candles, like a painter can do.
Creating a candle is not easy, nor is it a quick process. It requires patience and, sometimes, making mistakes to start over.
Creating handmade, quality candles is not about melting wax, adding the essence we want and that's it. It is a very creative process where, in my case, I start with an idea and I have to develop it until I achieve the objective. In my workshop I create the mixture of essences and aromas until the candle I am creating meets what I have in my mind, and when I smell it it transports me just as I want it to do with you.
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