Que hacer cuando se desplaza la mecha

What to do when the wick moves

We have moved our candle when it was completely liquid and the wick has moved.
And what can happen now? Well, when you relight it, the wax will burn unevenly and can burn the glass and even break the glass of the jar.
It can be fixed? You can light the wick, and once the wax is liquid, try to center the candle with a metal rod or something that cannot burn.
If there is little wax left in the candle, you can remove it with a spoon and put it on a burner to finish enjoying it.
It can be avoided? Yes, we can try not to move the candle when it is completely liquid. If it is already all liquid, we can center the wick before it cools and above all respect the lighting times.

We hope that this information helps you to enjoy your candles to the fullest😊💚

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