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The creator and artisan of Pi Negre is me, Clara, who you can see at Craft Fairs and Markets. I am not a big fan of going out on social networks but I love being able to meet you in person and that you can see our candles live and direct.

But Pi Negre is not just me, Pi Negre is my family, which has been there from the first moment without obstacles or doubts, unconditional. Without them this dream could not have become a reality, which is why I always speak in the plural when I write on social networks.

Pi Negre arises from a need to create, to materialize something that I had in mind and needed to be real. And what better way than to do it through our candles.


Life in the town, the countryside, our grandparents, returning to our roots, that is the philosophy of this company.

A smell associated with a memory, a memory that transports us to that moment when we had peace.

You can achieve all this by finding that place where you can light one of our candles and enjoy.